Autumn Planting

    We are often asked if it is still ok to plant at this time of year (September / October). The answer is most definately 'yes', this is the perfect time to plant container grown shrubs, conifers and trees. September is also a good time of year to sow grass seed - the ground is still warm and there is plenty of moisture too which lessens the amount of watering required.

    It is also time to consider planting bulbs for a spectacular spring garden. Our top sized daffodil bulbs are perfect for naturalising and will increase year after year - come and fill a bag of different varieties from the traditional golden yellow 'King Alfred' to the fragrant bi-coloured 'Geranium'. Stunning Alliums are available too - we have 5 varieties to choose from and all are ideal for growing in pots ready to slot into place in borders next spring. Don't forget to plant hyacinth bulbs ready for Christmas to fragrance the house or as a thoughtful gift - loose bulbs prepared for forcing in pink, blue and white are in stock.

     If you just can't wait to see some bulbs poking through the soil then you could plant come Colchicum (autumn crocus) which can be planted now and will flower within a few weeks. Again, these bulbs will naturalise over time to produce clumps of deep rose coloured blooms.

Looking for Something Different....

We always have lots of unusual plants here perfect if you are a collector or perhaps looking for a gift for a keen gardener.

This year we have a superb collection of ornamental beech. Many of the varieties are fairly rare and quite unusual in appearance. Most are significantly smaller than the more commonly grown varieties but will make spectacular specimens. Within the collection we have Fagus sylvatica Roseomarginata - also known as the tricoloured beech due to its beautifully variagated leaves, Fagus sylvatica Black Swan which is a graceful weeping form, Fagus sylvatica Laciniata with elegant, finely cut foliage and Fagus sylvatica Ovalifolium - a small plant with rounded leaves.