Spring 2018

  Get ready to grow this spring

    Whether you're growing for the flower garden, allotment or vegetable plot, our shop is packed with everything you need to get started this spring. Growing your own whether to eat or to fill vases and containers all season long must be one of the most rewarding aspects of gardening and something everyone can do no matter how much or little space you have.

Why Not try....

    Scottish seed potatoes with a selection of tried and tested traditional varieties (Duke of York, Kerr's Pink, Wilja, Desiree), organic varieties (Bambino, Orla, Sarpo Mira) and some newer selections (Rooster and Jazzy).

    Onion and shallot sets - quicker and easier to grow than from seed, particularly in colder areas.

    Garlic bulbs, Jerusalem artichoke tubers, horseradish roots, asparagus and rhubarb are all in stock and ready to plant.

    A comprehensive range of seeds are available too. We have a new range this year - the  RHS collection which is a selection of award winning varieties. The popular Jekka's herb seeds are here too and the Sarah Raven collection 'Perfect for Bees and Butterflies'.

    Now is the time to be thinking about planting summer flowering bulbs - something which we often  forget to do and regret come July and August - so make this the year you remember and you will be rewarded with stunning lilies and glamorous gladioli this summer. Our selection includes long stemmed varieties which are perfect for cutting and shorter types which make ideal plants for containers.

   We also have everything else you might need to get started, from seed compost, trays, perlite and vermiculite to thermometers, labels and watering cans. 



Looking for Something Different....

    We always have lots of unusual plants here, perfect if you are a collector or perhaps looking for a gift for a keen gardener.

This year we have a superb collection of ornamental beech. Many of the varieties are fairly rare and quite unusual in appearance. Most are significantly smaller than the more commonly grown varieties but will make spectacular specimens. Within the collection we have Fagus sylvatica Roseomarginata - also known as the tricoloured beech due to its beautifully variagated leaves, Fagus sylvatica Black Swan which is a graceful weeping form, Fagus sylvatica Laciniata with elegant, finely cut foliage and Fagus sylvatica Ovalifolium - a small plant with rounded leaves.