April 2016



Now April is here (and more daylight hours) hopefully spring is well on the way and the gardening year can really take off.  

    We are busy in our glasshouses potting and pricking out summer bedding and container plants - some stunning new additions this year along with the traditional favourites.


                                                                               For perking up borders and containers now, primroses, pansies and viola provide cheerful splashes of colour and are able to withstand cool spring temperatures and night frosts. Our range of trailing pansies are just ready too and will provide a cascade of flowers for months.

 Spring flowering Rhododendron, Camellia and Azalea (evergreen and the stunning deciduous varieties) are just beggining to burst into bloom in the garden centre. From dramatic reds and pinks to soft yellow and white we should have something for everyone.

                                                                                                                                          Don't forget to get herbaceous supports in place now before the things warm up and plants really begin to grow. Whether it is simple willow twig supports or something a little more elaborate it is much easier and more effective to have something in place early in the season.


Fruitful Harvests


The first of the strawberry plants are ready now with reliable and fragrant varieties such as Cambridge Favourite and more recent introductions Hapil and Florence. Planting a mixture of varieties will ensure crops throughout the summer months. We also have a couple of varieties suited to growing in containers and hanging baskets which will be available towards the end of the month. These types are great if space is limited and also wonderful for children to grow. 

     We have a good selection of bush fruits too - blackcurrants, redcurrants, gooseberries and blueberries which are all easy to grow and involve very little effort. Thorn-less varieties of Blackberry make picking a much more pleasant task!

       Why not try something a bit different? The Lingonberry is a popular fruit in Scandinavia with an intense flavour. Lingonberries are of the same family as cranberries and blueberries and have similar requirements. Honeyberries which are similar in appearance to blueberries are also available this year. Perhaps slightly easier to grow as they do not require acidic soil.

    There are also plenty of apples, plums, cherries and pears with varieties offered particularly suited to the Scottish climate. 

For the Stylish Gardener

Featuring the beautiful William Morris 'Strawberry Thief' pattern is a stunning collection of garden related items which would make a perfect gift.

The range comprises of really comfy kneelers, tools, tins, gloves and even a tin mug (ideal for taking a hot drink outside to warm you up) 

In addition to our range of wellies and clogs we now have some stylish Chelsea boots available in claret or navy blue.

Not forgetting any 'little helpers' the new Briers collection in bright, cheerful colours should have children out assisting in no time. From gloves and wellie liners to watering cans and child size tools, at a very reasonable price, these are also great if you're looking for a little gift.


Give your lawn a little t.l.c.

It is amazing how much difference a neatly edged and well fed lawn make to the appearance of a garden. After such a prolonged wet spell this winter it is the lawn which really seems to have suffered.

A treatment of ;awn sand which will kill moss and an initial feed is a good place to start. once applied the lawn sand will turn moss black - this should then be raked out with a lawn rake. The grass will probably look a bit patchy and bare at this stage but it often recovers pretty quickly and any really bare bits can be over seeded. Don't attempt to put grass seed down until the soil temperature has risen as the seed will not germinate - wait until the middle of april at the earliest.

Feeding little and often over the growing season and not cutting lawns too short should ensure you have a lawn to be proud of this year.  







Spring into your garden!


      to our first journal of 2016. We are busy here restocking and getting ready for the spring season. The ground outside may be too wet to do much with at the moment but this is a perfect opportunity to start planning for the coming year and there is plenty to do under cover. 

     Seeing the Hellebores in flower at this time of year is always a cheering sight and we have grown a couple of super varieties this year - 'Penny's Pink' and 'Emma' as photographed here. Hamamelis (witch hazel) have been blooming throughout the winter months and we also have plenty of winter flowering heathers perfect for containers and window boxes. 


Have a grow....

   Ready to get the gardening year off to a flying start we have a full stock of vegetable seeds, onion and shallot sets and Scottish seed potatoes. Many of these can be started off under cover early in the season so you can get ahead once soil temperatures have warmed up.

         A comprehensive collection of annual and perennial flower seeds is available too including the Sarah Raven range, perfect for colourful borders and cut flowers. We have a collection of micro greens which are ideal for growing on windowsills (no compost is needed) and they are great for adding zing to dishes especially at this time of year. In addition to individual seed packets there is a starter kit which has everything you need to get going including a growing tray and a selection of seeds, priced at only £4.99.


   A range of  herbs from the renowned herb expert Jekka McVikar is also new for this season. There are some exciting variants on favourites such as  Mrs Burns' Lemon Basil as well as some more difficult to source herbs such as purslane and winter savoury. Many varieties of herb can be grown on window sills - perfect to use as needed. The range is beautifully packaged and has hints and tips for use. 

Try something new in your borders this summer

 Summer flowering bulbs and tubers are fantastic for bringing a real touch of exotic to borders and containers during the summer months. Dahlia and lilies can be started of in small pots and planted in situ once the weather is warmer. We have a stunning range of Dahlia tubers in stock with many varieties recommended by the National Dahlia Society. There is a selection of dwarf lily bulbs perfect for pots. These bulbs and tubers can be lifted, dried and stored from one season to the next. 

     Gladioli have had a resurgence in popularity recently and the colour range available is wonderful - from soft pastel shades to hot oranges and reds. They are so easy to grow in borders and great for late summer colour.

Classic and Modern Roses

New season roses are in stock now. As always we have plenty of old favourites, modern varieties and roses which are perfect as gifts for all occasions.


  New to our selection this year are a number of varieties from Peter Beales roses who are award winning breeders of classic garden roses. There are classic shrub roses such as 'Leah Tutu' which is a rich, golden yellow and 'St Ethelburga' which is soft pink with a good scent. We also have some climbing roses in this range - 'Highgrove' a rich, deep red, 'Notre Dame de Calais' scented, creamy lemon and 'Sir Paul Smith' a classic, deep pink and very fragrant.

     In addition, some recently introduced varieties available include 'Bella Rosa' which is a two toned patio rose, 'Charisma' a gorgeous deep pink heavily scented hybrid tea and 'Jam & Jerusalem' a floribunda with salmon, orange and yellow blended flowers.

As always, we have a fabulous range of plants in stock so we hope you will visit soon!

All images in this newsletter are pictures of our own stock photographed on site.

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