Herbaceous and Alpines

We have a varying selection of Herbaceous plants and Alpines here at the Mill Garden Centre in Armadale. Plants stocked tend to be those varieties which we have found to be most suitable for our local area.

    A wonderful selection of perennials which are perfect for injecting some early colour to borders is available. Looking particularly good at the moment, are plants such as Pulmonaria 'Diana Clare', Helleborus 'Winterbells', Aubretia and the fresh foliage of Brunnera 'Silver Spear' and Corydalis ' Flexuosa 'Purple Leaf.

    Summer and autumn flowering bulbs are ready to plant over the next couple of months. Our selection includes Nerine 'Bowdenii' and Nerine 'Ostara', Zantedeschia in a range of colours, gladioli and Lilies (new varieties 'Mount Cook' and Cavoli are in stock).

If there is something special you require, please phone ahead to see if we have availability.